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Boots paired w/ dresses?

I%26#039;m looking for boots to pair w/ dresses like these.

(the white one)

I like riding boots cinched at the ankle, but i%26#039;m on a budget %26amp; most are pricey.

Boots paired w/ dresses?
yeacowboy bootsi actually have a pair of riding boots that i got form delias that year check the clearence saels

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Are there any woman's motorcycle boots that can pass for tennis shoes when worn under scrubs?

I have proper riding boots, but would like something for riding to work that I will not have to remove once I get there. I am almost tempted to just find a pair of hiking boots for my backstreet, low speed ride to work.

Are there any woman%26#039;s motorcycle boots that can pass for tennis shoes when worn under scrubs?
Steel Toe Tennis Shoes

Harley Davidson, Doc Martens, Timberland.
Reply:I wrecked a sportbike at 50mph and slid through a barbed wire fence with skate shoes and didn%26#039;t even get a scratch on my feet and ankles. I%26#039;m sure some hightops that are comfortable would suffice.
Reply:Scrubs would tell me nurse or doctor ?/ they do make them but to wear all day at the work place I would thing comfort would factor in a hospital enviroment


English or western boots?

im a beginner rider, and i want to get real riding boots but i dont know if i should get english or western. i only ride for fun, not for shows or anything.. What type of boot would be better for me?

English or western boots?
if it is only for fun...get western. Boots can be very expensive!! unless you can find them on sale..

Welcome to riding!! Hope you have a blast!
Reply:I agree with what others have said, English boots if you ride English, Western if you ride Western. I love the Ariat zip up paddocks, the Ariat Terrains, the Ariat zip field boots (don%26#039;t get them unless you are showing English), and the Ariat cobalt crepe soles. A pull on is a better bet if you are concerned about getting hung up. They will slip off if your foot gets caught in the stirrup. Also, stay away fro hiking boots or any other boot with a heavy tread. They can get stuck in the stirrup and be a problem in an accident.
Reply:I would recommend something generic. I ride both English and western, but i also have a pair of Ariat Endurance All Terrain boots (i forget the exact name). they are like heavy duty sneakers built along the lines of riding boots (with a steel sole insert, heavy duty leather, and a heel) i use these when working around the stable and hopping on this or that horse because i don%26#039;t have to change boots, or for going on trail rides. i really like them. i wouldn%26#039;t do the Ariat %26quot;Duma%26quot; i tried a pair on, and they REALLY pinched my top to bottom, but were loose around and very large in the toe. But it depends what you like!

Also, if you want to try both, than generic boots are good, but are you riding western or English primarily? the %26quot;True%26quot; English and western boots are build for different levels of support in different areas. i find it painful to ride western in my english boots and vias versa. hope that helps a little.
Reply:If you are a beginner I don%26#039;t recommend anything that is laced up or has any tread on the soles. They will only get you into trouble. You need something that is comfortable but will slide off if you get your foot hung up in the stirrup.

Actually this is a tip for ALL Riders, lace up and %26quot;tennis shoe%26quot; or hiking boots are VERY dangerous--Don%26#039;t ride in them!

I%26#039;ve been riding all my life and thankfully only been hung up once, but I had slip-on boots on and that gave first. It is much easier to walk away bare footed than not walk away at all!
Reply:dont get western boots~ they are for looks and showing

get something like this~

actually i ride for pleasure, quite a bit, but i wear hiking boots that look like riding boots and work great.. but anyway

the ones i have are KINDA like this:

but mine look more like riding boots
Reply:Go with the type of saddle you have. If you have an english saddle, choose english. Western, choose western. Personally I like english boots better because they%26#039;re smaller. If your concerned about the price, look on ebay or find used boots. But before you do go to a tack shop and get some help with deciding what kind and brand of boot you want.
Reply:You only need good, supportive boots that fit well and are comfortable. They don%26#039;t have to be western or English and if you want them for fun riding, do not get %26quot;show%26quot; boots which are for looks. I suggest you try on a pair of Ariat Terrains. Endurance riders wear them and they are standing in their stirrups for 5 to 12 hours at a time at a trot and canter. Good luck
Reply:If you are only riding for fun get the boots that are kind of like tennis shoes or hiking boots. They are very comfortable and you can wear them just about anywhere. Plus they are cheap. They have some called %26quot;Horseshoes%26quot; and also Ariat makes some. You will love them!
Reply:If you aren%26#039;t doing any competitive riding, it doesn%26#039;t really matter. It really depends on which you are more comfortable in and are more protective for you.

Go to different tack shops and try on different boots to find a pair that you like.
Reply:If you are only riding for fun, then I recommend a lace up roper from Ariat. If you get them in black you can also use them for English riding with half chaps since they will also look like paddock boots.
Reply:If you ride in a english saddle get english boots. If you ride in a western saddle get western boots.
Reply:if your riding for fun get like a hiking type boot

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Are over-the-knee boots too $lutty?

I am in a boot craze this fall! I%26#039;ve been wearing my cowboy boots, my ankle boots (all 6 pairs) and my knee high brown leather riding boots to death. I recently got a pair of flat black suede boots that come to the knee and I%26#039;m looking into sweater boots as well.

But I just saw designer boots on a favorite website of mine, that look cute. The boot itself is black leather, not the skanky shiny paten kind, the nice kind with a slighty pointed tow and a 3 1/2 high inch heel. They don%26#039;t look too tall, but the on the model picture shoes them coming about an inch over the knee and since that model is way taller than me, I%26#039;m afraid they may be too $lutty.

what is your take on over the knee boots?

Are over-the-knee boots too $lutty?
I%26#039;m with you...I love boots in the fall! Myself, I like knee high boots...either over my jeans or with a cute denim skirt. I get compliments and like the look and feel! Sometimes you can cuff the over the knee boots, but if you can%26#039;t I would hold off. Maybe I%26#039;m weird but once you go over the knee to me it goes too far... my 2 cents. You go girl...boot power.
Reply:i think tehy might look a little trashy, maybe try to find a different version of it that%26#039;s shorter
Reply:Only if you%26#039;re a slut.
Reply:I don%26#039;t know about slutty...but it looks pretty dam hot.

Everytime I see it, my head turns without my controlling it...
Reply:no they dont look slutty....unless u were them with itty bitty shorts or a mini skirt

if u were them with jeans, that looks really fashionable
Reply:I love them. I wear boots all winter long with skirts, pants, dresses, you name it. As long as you%26#039;re not wearing a super short skirt or shorts, you can totally pull it off.


Horseback riding in Germany??

Ok.. I horseback ride here in America. Since I am going to germany over the summer for a month I might take some rising lessons. I do speak fluently German but I have no clue what the barns and riding will be like there. Here are some of my questions:

What would I wear to a lesson? Can I wear breeches, half chaps, low riding boots, and a black velvet helmet?

What are the gaits? Walk, trot, Canter?

What are some other differences in riding a German barn the riding in the US?

I ride English. Is it the same tack?

Any websites or additional information/knowledge will be great too!!! THX

Horseback riding in Germany??
Dress: the traditional formal English dress is: Jodhpurs, tall boots, white blouse/shirt, black jacket, black velvet helmet.

For lessons, this is somewhat relaxed, but jodhpurs and tall boots are still worn.

I%26#039;ve not seen ANY chaps worn.

Walk, trot, canter.

Tack should be basically the same.

Barns are rather classified as %26#039;riding halls%26#039; (Reithalle) and are rectangular, allowing for dressage maneuvres.

Your best bet is to visit a Reithalle and observe the first time, then speak to whoever is in charge of conducting riding lessons. They%26#039;ll tell you what is expected.
Reply:it%26#039;s a little different in germany...for one...they don%26#039;t really do any;s dressage and the real deal..not like most stables over here teach. When you go just wear riding boots and dont have to wear a blouse or jacket etc...if you dont have a helmet the normally will provide you one. The tack and saddles are the same. My suggestion is, pick put a stable and just go in your street clothes to observe a riding lesson...ask any questions you have then . Have will love it...
Reply:Horseback riding in Germany is the same like in US. Only one thing is they having more safety clothes on, like better helmet all that. If you are good on it, I guess you are having any problems. Look in Go ogle about Horse riding in Germany. They must be have so many websites. Get some more in formations. Have fun. I just moved to a small town south Germany we are having so many horse riding places round here.
Reply:Horseback riding here will be the same for you as in the states but make sure you really know all of the words you%26#039;ll need for a proper lesson. :-)

Any more questions, just ask!


Cowboy boots?

i got these cowboy boots as a gift, and they were slightly used... i want to take them to horse camp thissummer, but i dont know if they are just fashion boots, or if they were intended for riding...squeaky clean, coulnt tell.

If they are just fashion boots, could they pass for riding boots?

Cowboy boots?
boots are to help you stay on your house,,,, ,fashion or not if a horse steps on your foot you are safe.
Reply:This is the horse racing section.
Reply:As long as they have raised heels so your feet won%26#039;t slip through the stirrups, you should be ok.
Reply:get some riding boots and ride on.

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Cowboy boots?

i got these cowboy boots as a gift, and they were slightly used... i want to take them to horse camp thissummer, but i dont know if they are just fashion boots, or if they were intended for riding...squeaky clean, coulnt tell.

If they are just fashion boots, could they pass for riding boots?

Cowboy boots?
as long as there is a 1%26quot; heel, and the boots are not too wide, I would say sure. You could always ask whoever gave them to you what they were meant for. But, most fashion cowboy boots out there today are just decorative riding boots. I hope you make some awesome memories at horse camp!
Reply:i would say that if they have a small heel (about an inch) and flat soles, they should be perfectly fine for riding. good luck at camp!
Reply:If they say Acme, they are fashion boots. Justin, Nocona etc are usually intended for riding.
Reply:In addition to the heel, also take a look at the sole of the boots. If they%26#039;re smooth soled, they%26#039;re not the best for riding since they%26#039;ll be sliding out of the stirrups all the time. You want a pair of boots with a sole that has some grip to it.
Reply:yeah cowboy boots are cowboy boots!!!
Reply:well iv never been to riding camp but fashion boots are kinda wrinkled at the top and cowboy boots ant but a good pare of work boots are best because most are steal toe so if a horse steps on your feet it don%26#039;t hurt and i now i ride drafts